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Mar. 14th, 2013


So... two years later... and meeting LJers

2013. I'm going to be 47 this year. There's a sense of unreality in that statement, but as I don't feel 47, I think I'm good to go.

It has been 2 years since I last visited LJ. I'll come to this, post once or twice, and then let it go. I'm not sure why I leave it here, perhaps in some small way to say "I was here, I existed, I grew and I moved on"? I don't know.

This past weekend, I and angie went to Dallas to be with friends and attend a rather large event. I met two LJ'ers who had made an impact on my life. It's been... 13? 15? years since I first met them? I deleted a ton of my original content back when I was with maria, so it's hard to say when exactly I joined LJ, but I have know these two for a long time. Meeting them was an amazing happening - how far we've all come. They, like me, have gone through life, suffered, laughed, cried, sang and danced; they've lived Life as have I and yet the memories of thoughts and words exchanged still brought us together to at least say "Hello."

How wonderful! Thank you to M and to MT for having been my friends.

The path that angie and I are on doesn't end anytime soon, perhaps in September, but if we are lucky, it will continue through March of 2014 and if we're REALLY blessed (or crazy, depending on how you feel about "applying for a job that you have to pay your employer for") we could be involved in this particular path till 2015. And DK/M&V - if we are that blessed, UK *will* be on our list to come visit. International means something to us.

I'm not sure if I'll come back in another two years or two months or not... but if you are still here reading this, smile a smile for me and if you happen to want to... drop me a note. Angie and I are traveling a lot now... and as I grow older, I realize that while the Internet has given us amazing tools of communication, that simple pleasure of looking someone in the eye, giving them a handshake and hug... those are things that complete the circle.

Love and Leather.

May. 6th, 2011


I'm still alive

Life is just hella busy and it's harder than ever to write to an empty place about things that are deep and personal.  

Jan. 1st, 2011


My wish for my friends on LJ...

Happy New Year! May your 2011 be full of good fortune, good cheer, good health and lots of laughter and love...

Dec. 20th, 2010


Turning the tables on a scammer - the trophy part! (16)

So, my lad is excited at the prospect of getting $10,000 through Western Union. He's finally gotten the instructions, although it took a couple of days to resolve that, and he's started complying with the instructions... except his first attempt at a photo wasn't quite right:

Yes, my lad cannot follow instructions because the security phrase "I love BoN'ers" is NOT ON THE PHOTO!

So the lawyer reminds our lad of his inability to follow instructions:

Ms. Mark,

You did not follow the instructions of Step 2. Once again, you are wasting my time with your delays and your inability to follow the simplest of instructions. I had assumed you would get me the correct image and you did not. Therefore, you've lost another day.

Step 2 clearly states: "RECEIVER must provide a photograph with security passphrase clearly visible. This photograph MUST NOT BE FAKED, DIGITALLY ALTERED OR IN ANY WAY MANIPULATED ONCE IT HAS BEEN TAKEN. Our DigiPicCheck™ Security Photographic Validation process will be used to validate the picture."

In the picture you provided, the manager IS NOT shown with a sign displaying the passphrase. Therefore, Western Union's Digital Picture Checking system WILL NOT accept the picture and it gives me an error.

You MUST get a picture of the hotel manager holding a sign with the Security Passphrase "I love BoN'ers" exactly as shown, if he is to be the receiver of the transfer.

If you do not get this photo validation, then I cannot complete the security process which means you do not get the MTCN or $10,000. It's that simple. Do as I say, Ms. Mark. Don't let John down. You have only EIGHT (8) days left.

And lo and behold...Collapse )

Dec. 16th, 2010


Turning the tables on a scammer - Part 15

My biggest goal, in starting this bait, was to get a trophy picture of my lad holding a sign saying "I love BoN'ers". As I learned more about baiting, I kept that goal, but I also worked on wasting as much of the lad's time as possible. So I was still after my trophy, but now using new tools and techniques to make it as long of a protracted story as possible.

The lad wants me to send money via Western Union. To get money from WU, you have to have an "MTCN" - a 9 digit number that pretty much ensures that if you know the MTCN, you get the money. There are other checks that are supposed to be in place, but that's not always assured to happening, especially in countries where bribes are a way of life.

The biggest timewasting tool of a baiter is to dangle the opportunity of getting a "valid" MTCN in front of a lad's nose. Timewasting techniques include sending 50 page forms to the lad for him to fill out before sending the #, sending blurry photos of "receipts", sending incomplete receipts, mistakenly sending the wrong MTCN, etc. Another tool is to put the lad through a torturous routine using online tools to where they'll never get the MTCN.

So I'm setting up my lad to do several of those. I'm going to tell the lad that I need a verification photo with a key phrase, based on his contacting me first on the BikerOrNot website (BoN) and then I can get him the MTCN.

Let's see how that goes...Collapse )

Dec. 15th, 2010


Turning the tables on a scammer - Part 14

This series may seem like it's going on forever, but that's exactly what I want to have happen - the lad to never get his money but to spend all sorts of time on trying to get it. We're just on the cusp of where he thinks I'm going to send him a Western Union transfer of $10,000 - but there's a problem. It seems that Western Union has rules in place about transfers to Nigeria - and the lad doesn't want to accept that reality.  There really are rules in place, but most likely the Western Unions in Nigeria are well "oiled" so that these rules are ignored. However, my alter egos don't know that. So we've hit an impasse -- one I hope my lawyer alter-ego can break, since my lad contacts the lawyer behind John's back!

Let's see what the lad says to the attorney...Collapse )

Dec. 13th, 2010


Turning the tables on a scammer - part 13

So, my "true love" aka a Nigerian scammer lad has finally sent me "proof" of her existence in the form of terrible photoshopped pictures. However, that's not good enough. Kate and I are going back and forth about the fact that I can't just send the money through to Nigeria, there's a process to it now...

So let's see how far I can push my lad.Collapse )

Dec. 10th, 2010


FL update

I've updated my friends list. One of the things I've started doing is setting my friends lists on sites like this to people that interact with me - so if I've met you face to face at some point, we've got a friendship or correspondence going on, or if I've known you for so long that I might as well have met you face to face... that's my requirement for my friends list. My apologies to those who I've never met or we've not corresponded on LJ in anyway... I've removed you. it's not personal, its just how I want to manage my personal space.


Dec. 9th, 2010


Turning the tables on a scammer - Part 12

At this point in the scam-bait, I'm up to a month - that's a month that "Kate" has been emailing me to try and scam me for my money. She's just about convinced that I'm ready to send her the money... but alas, there are problems...Collapse )

Dec. 7th, 2010


Turning the tables on a scammer - part 11

So as I mentioned, I had the Thanksgiving weekend to delay paying my lad, as well as I had some de-education to perform. De-educating lads means feeding them disinformation about American culture and language styles. They will use it (just like now he always refers to my "NINE (9)" sons) to mimic us. If the weird strange de-education helps warn some other victim that they're dealing with a potential spammer (not that the slaughter of decent English language shouldn't be a tip off already) then all the better.

So I spun the following tale over Thanksgiving...Collapse )

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